Last Straw

I’ve voted in every election for which I was eligible my entire life, even midterms, because I believe free and fair elections are the cornerstone of our democracy. Flawed though it may be in some respects, I am proud to be a citizen of the United States. I never doubted the integrity of the election officials doing the difficult yet necessary work to ensure the peaceful transfer of power.

Then I moved to Grand Junction. There was a recall effort against the county clerk which seemed like an office dispute, maybe a new face trying to switch things up to improve efficiency or establish office power or both. There were the uncounted ballots and TV footage of paper blowing in the wind and still I thought, “Well, maybe there are some problems here but none of these races were ever even slightly in doubt”.

Now the horrifying reality is all too obvious – a small group of criminals is hellbent on seizing power by any means necessary. In Mesa County they found a willing accomplice and useful idiot. Tina Peters proceeded to violate her oath of office and the sanctity of the ballot box with insane attempts to challenge the validity of the 2020 election.

This is not hyperbole as anyone following the whole sordid affair well knows. In fact, horrifying and insane are relatively mild terms considering her latest egregious outrage. After leaving the state in violation of the terms of her bond Tina Peters has once again flaunted her imagined immunity and will suffer no consequences because “Oops, my lawyer dropped the ball”.

The goal of this site is to be a clearinghouse of all things Tina – timeline, pics, memes (within reason), perhaps any tie-in with the incumbent CO-3 House Representative. I am so disgusted watching this scofflaw smirk and and sneer at good honest citizens. I am ready to do my part to help her sink and take her cohort with her.

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